7 years ago

spamming scam site will rip you off

DON'T DO IT! This is a SCAM, spammed on 1000's of domains by the Sleaziest scumbags on the planet! This product DOESN'T EXIST! (Ask your doctor before you get RIPPED OFF!)

ViaGrow, Vimax, ErectGrow, Dr.MaXman AND MaxGentleman ARE ALL FAKE "pharmacy" sites with products you have only heard of in spam emails or horrible hyped up infomercials on tv.

They usually spam a FAKE news site to try trick you into thinking the impossible is real.
(If it was true it would be IN REAL NEWS. NOT spammed on FAKE news sites by lying scumbags)

Examples of fake spammed news sites: growspeniss.com, foold*ck.com

, furrdreeams.net . . .

All links on the fake news sites point to pay sites like these to scam/rip you off:
enlargegrows.com, shareinch.com, shareinch.com,

Then they have the biggest/stupidest bunch of lies ever seen on one site, including FAKE testimonials! (my comments in brackets)

"Stay hard for up to 72 hours"
(even IF possible, do you really want a 3 DAY erection?? Real products like viagra warn "seek medical help for erections over 4 hours to prevent permanent damage" but these scammers don't know/care about that . . . )

"Experience safer, longer and more enjoyable sex or have your money back… Though it’s never happened before"
(When you realize you got ripped off. NO WAY you get anything back from their credit card processors . . .)

"Even works with Alchohol" (REALLY?? pretty much all meds have a no alcohol rule)

"The Amazing Viagrow Formula was discovered after 7 years of scientific research in our Swiss labs."
(Yeah right, the spammers have a swiss lab . . . Just more and more lies. Thats all they have.)

MORE People ripped off by Viagrow SCAM:

More info on this and similar SCAMS here:
ViaGrow - http://spamtrackers.eu/wiki/index.php/ViaGrow
Dr. Maxman - http://spamtrackers.eu/wiki/index.php/Dr.MaXman
MaxGentleman- http://spamtrackers.eu/wiki/index.php/MaxGentleman

*Rated unsafe for kids as it has/or links to pages with sexuality and nudity.*

(Sometimes spammers change the site content, so you might see a different site. BUT its still spam and all spammers are scammers.)